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Quick Facts: Business Management Industry

Median Pay:   $106,343 per year | $51 per hour
Entry-Level Education:   Bachelor's degree
Work Experience:   Less than 5 years
Number of Jobs, 2014:   4,161,000

Business Management Occupations:

  • General and operations managers$97,270
  • Marketing managers$127,130
  • Administrative services managers$83,790
  • Financial managers$115,320
  • Industrial production managers$92,470
  • Purchasing managers$106,090
  • Sales managers$110,660
  • Computer and information systems managers$127,640
  • Advertising and promotions managers$96,720

Online Business Degrees

In the world of business, qualifications and education are vital in order to secure employment in most large companies and corporations. Whether you want to get ahead in your current business position, you want to break into the business industry or you want to pursue new challenges in finance or economics, certain business degrees can be incredibly helpful.

Use this guide to get a better understanding of the various types of online business degrees available as well as how they can help you to get ahead.

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