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Career Possibilities

  • Accounting$61,000
    • Accountants And Auditors
    • Budget Analysts
    • Financial Analysts
    • Personal Financial Advisors
    • Tax Examiners And Collectors
    • Revenue Agents
    • Tax Preparers
    • Financial Specialists
    • All Other
    • Bookkeeping
    • Accounting
    • Auditing Clerks
  • Business Management$106,000
    • General And Operations Managers
    • Advertising And Promotions Managers
    • Marketing Managers
    • Sales Managers
    • Administrative Services Managers
    • Computer And Information Systems Managers
    • Financial Managers
    • Industrial Production Managers
    • Purchasing Managers
  • Healthcare Administration$93,000
    • Medical And Health Services Managers
  • Marketing$99,000
    • Advertising And Promotions Managers
    • Marketing Managers
    • Sales Managers
    • Market Research Analysts And Marketing Specialists

Online Business Degrees

In the world of business, qualifications and education are vital in order to secure employment in most large companies and corporations. Whether you want to get ahead in your current business position, you want to break into the business industry or you want to pursue new challenges in finance or economics, certain business degrees can be incredibly helpful.

Use this guide to get a better understanding of the various types of online business degrees available as well as how they can help you to get ahead.

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Associate Degrees in Business

The most basic degree available in business is the associate degree. This is a two year program that can be completed online. While it is possible to pursue an associate degree in a range of different majors and subjects, those who are specifically interested in business should pursue an associate degree in a field like marketing, entrepreneurship, business management or economics. Upon graduation, students who hold an associate degree in one of these business-related subjects will have ample opportunity to find entry-level positions with stability and high salaries. Graduates can also choose to add on additional courses and turn their associate degree in business into a bachelor's degree over time.

Bachelor's Degrees in Business

This advanced academic degree is one that takes an average of four years to complete and can be added on to an existing associate degree or pursued right out of high school. Bachelor degrees are either a B.A., or Bachelor of Arts, or a B.S., or Bachelor of Science. The most popular bachelor's degree for those interested in business is the B.S. in Business Administration. Students who pursue an online business degree typically have the option of choosing a specialty to focus on. They might opt for international business, marketing, accounting or management.

Master's Degrees in Business

One of the highest available degrees in the business field is the master's degree. This academic degree is an advanced program that is above a bachelor's degree. While it typically takes one or two years to complete in a traditional campus setting, students studying online often have the option to study the material and take exams at their own pace. The most popular master's degree in this field is the MBA, or Master's of Business Administration. Paired with business work experience, those who hold an MBA are candidates for nearly any business position available today.

Choosing a Specialty

Those who pursue a degree in business at any level will typically need to choose a specialty to focus on. While general business degrees are certainly available, it is more helpful for your future career to have additional education in a specific area like international communications, marketing or accounting. This will ensure that you find a job that you truly enjoy after graduation. If you can't decide on a specific focus for your online business degree, then speak to your online adviser or ask yourself what kind of career you would like to pursue in the future.

Advantages of Online Learning

Earning business degrees online is much more convenient, affordable and flexible than earning the same degree in a traditional campus setting. Instead of having to commute daily and stick to a specific class schedule, you can complete the work and even take exams whenever it is most convenient for you. This allows students to work full time and still pursue a degree in business.

If you want to have a higher earning potential, find a challenging new career or just be promoted in your current field, you might want to pursue online business degrees. Whether you want to find an entry level position in a large corporation or even start your own business, these degrees can be the key to your success.

Your familiarity with online applications, e-commerce, and computer technology will make you a sharper and more attractive candidate. Not to mention that online business degrees are much more manageable given the flexibility, lack of commuting, and relative freedom associated with Internet based distance learning.

Different Types of Online Business Degrees

Business is a huge field that offers many different paths to perspective entrepreneurs, investors, market analysts, accountants, and business administrators. You can earn an associate, bachelor, masters, or even doctorate degree in fields ranging from accounting to marketing to retail management.

Job Opportunities with an Online Business Degree

To be successful in the business world, you must be educated and connected. Online programs that provide business training can fill both of these needs. Employers will respect the fact that you have achieved a certain level of mastery in your particular business-related field, and your network of peers, alumni, and professors will make it much easier to secure employment, financial backing, and business opportunities.

Interestingly enough, there is no set path after earning a business degree. Some work for large firms, others start their own companies, and still others work in academia or legislation. If you have any interest in generating profit, setting policy, or completing large scale projects, it is worth exploring how an online business degree can help you reach your goal.

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