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Accounting is a growing industry in most areas of the world, and one that requires careful individuals who are skilled in math. Although much of accounting revolves around numbers and keeping financial records for companies and individuals, there are countless careers available including as a bookkeeper, payroll specialist, investment accountant, cost accounting director for a large firm, auditors, certified public accountants, debt planners and budget analysts.

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Associate Degrees in Accounting

The associate degree in accounting is the most basic accounting degree available today. This is a two year program that is offered online, through community colleges and at many universities. In order to enroll in an associate degree program in accounting, you will need to have a high school diploma or a general education degree as well as SAT or ACT scores that meet minimum requirements set by the individual school.

An associate degree in accounting is a great way to find employment as an accounting clerk in a government office or a bookkeeper and payroll manager for a small company. Many students study for an additional two years beyond the associate level in order to complete their bachelor's degrees.

Bachelor's Degrees in Accounting

A bachelor's degree in accounting is a four year program that prepares graduates for careers as accountants. A typical bachelor's degree in this field will have 120 credits. Anywhere from 35 to 40 of these credits will be in specific accounting courses, an additional 20 will be in business courses and the remainder might be in electives, general education requirements and subjects like math, history or literature.

Bachelors degrees in accounting should be earned through an accredited college or university, and many students opt to enroll in online accounting courses to save time, money and avoid lengthy commutes to a traditional college campus each day.

150 Credit Degrees in Accounting

To become a certified public accountant, students will have to earn a 150-credit accounting degree and pass the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination. While a typical bachelor's degree in accounting has only 120 credits, those who want to become certified public accountants will need to add on an additional semester or full year to gain the additional 30 credits necessary. Typically, these credits will need to be in accounting specific courses. If you have a bachelor's degree in accounting but want to add on and become a CPA, you can take accounting courses online in order to do so.

Masters Degrees in Accounting

A master's degree is a one or two year program that is added on to a bachelor's degree. It is rarely pursued by those who already have a CPA certification, but it may be of interest to those who hold a bachelor's degree in an alternative subject and want to transition into a career as an accountant. After earning a master's degree in accounting, you can be eligible to sit for the Unified CPA Examination.

MBA Degrees with a Specialty in Accounting

A Master of Business Administration is a two year degree program that prepares graduates for careers in business management and leadership positions. If you have an interest in this kind of career but you also want to pursue becoming a CPA, then an MBA with a focus in accounting is the perfect solution.

Doctoral Degrees in Accounting

A doctoral degree in accounting will take anywhere from three to seven years to complete and is not required to become a certified public accountant. However, it is vital if you are interested in teaching accounting at the highest level.

Each of these accounting degrees is available online and can prepare students for a number of different careers in the field.

Online Accounting Courses are available completely online to increase your knowledge of current best practices in this important business element.

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